Connecktin Orders and Buyers

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Connecktin Orders & Buyers


We understand you are concerned your buyer wants to cancel the order. Please rest assured that we take our sellers’ revenue very seriously, and we require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. However, we cannot force a buyer to accept an order with which they are not satisfied.

If the buyer seems uncertain about the work that you have done for the order, we recommend that you create a list detailing the work you have done on the order, and explain to the buyer how this list compares to your Service description and the buyer’s order requirements.

Please continue communicating with the buyer to see if you are able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement regarding this order.

We recommend using working things out with your buyer before contacting Customer Support. If you have an issue with an order, you can use the Disputes functionality on your Dashboard to assist you.