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My Orders


Canceling your order is easy. If your order has not been marked Completed, you can cancel your order using the Dashboard and following the steps to submit your request. Once your seller accepts, the order will be canceled and your funds will be placed in your shopping balance as a credit for future orders.

Once your order has been canceled, the funds are placed in your shopping balance as credit. If you would like the funds to be returned to your payment source, you will need to reach out to our Customer Support team and they will be happy to start your refund request.

Order Actions

Seeing as your order is incomplete, you have two options. You can either request to cancel the order or Request Revisions and reach to the seller within your order page regarding the incomplete materials.
If your order has not been marked Completed, you can cancel your order.
If however, your order is marked Completed and we recommend reaching out to Support as soon as possible to obtain a refund.

Order Feedback and Reviews

Your reviews and feedback are very important to Connecktin. Once you click Accept & Review Order, you can provide feedback on your order. Once you provide feedback, it cannot be changed. 

Communication with a Freelancer

If you are experiencing an issue with your seller or any seller on Connecktin, please use the Report option to report the seller.